Edmonton Trenching 2017

Edmonton Trenching 2017 Edmonton trenching 2017 is Edmonton and areas number one choice for trenching.  We are proud to offer services to job of all sizes.  Streamline Services Ltd. is a privately owned company that prides itself on making long lasting relationships with their customers, both residential and commercial.  In most cases, you will see[…]

Septic Tank Problems

Common Septic Tank Problems Septic tanks are usually installed for homeowners that do not have a city line hook up to sewer lines to remove waste.  Septic tanks are usually installed underground where the waste runs to and is stored.  Over time it is decomposed through bacterial activity and then drained, usually through a leaching[…]

Drain Camera Edmonton

Drain Camera Edmonton Are you having drainage issues and not sure what the problem really is?  Using your typical hardware products including drain cleaner or a snake may remove blockages caused by build-up, but what if it is occurring more frequently?  It can be very beneficial to get your pipes checked out by having a[…]

Underground Water Lines

Underground Water Lines Living in North America, everyone knows the importance of having running water where ever you go.  Including your home, place of work, where you shop, and spend quality time with friends and family; you will need running water.  Streamline Services understands the importance and necessity of this, which is why we specialize[…]

Pipe Fusion Edmonton

Pipe Fusion Edmonton Streamline Services Ltd specializes in pipe fusion in and around Edmonton. We use different types of pipe fusion depending on our clients’ needs and the scope of the job. The main type of pipe used for underground utilities including gas, sewer and water is high density polyethylene. High density polyethylene or HDPE[…]

Safe Digging

Safe Digging Streamline Services is proud to practice safe digging.  We are able to trench, excavate and install underground gas lines for industrial and commercial use.  Because we are disturbing the ground and installing these lines, we must also be careful and know our surroundings.  One call can save lives if a gas  line or[…]

Gas Line Installations

Gas Line Installations Streamline Services LTD. specializes in gas line installations for your home and commercial/industrial space.  We have liscensed gas fitters and operators to make sure the job not only goes smoothly but also safely. It is important you know who you are hiring to complete your job before you make a final decision. […]