August 10, 2016

Electrical Site Services

electrical site services

Electrical Undergound Utilities is another aspect of the site services we provide making us your best contractor for underground utility installations.

Streamline services has extensive experience in electrical site services In oilfield camp, plant, industrial and commercial services. You can rest assured knowing we are an approved contractor of Fortis.

Some of the services we offer are:

  • Underground conduit
  • Vaults
  • Pull boxes
  • Transformer pads
  • Light post bases
  • and much more…

Electrical Site Services

When it comes to site preparation for installing underground utilities, there are a number of things to be done.  In order for the process to go smoothly and there are no negative impacts, careful thought needs to be considered.  Plans have to be drawn up that outline the area of the site that needs to be cleared.  The surrounding land needs to be graded and post-installation plans need to be addressed.  It takes a skilled and knowledgeable company to handle all tasks associated with these operations.  The professionals at Streamline have what it takes to get the job done right.

Streamline Services Ltd. is the leading underground utility installation company in Edmonton. We understand the intricate process of preparing the site from demolition to land clearing to digging the trenches and more. From commercial and industrial lots to entire sub-divisions, Streamline Services Ltd prides themselves in being able to work within established guidelines both in terms of time, budget and safety, and will provide all clients a job well done.


 Streamline Services Ltd will work to clear the land where the underground utilities will be installed, removing dirt, trees and other growth as well as any existing structures on the site. After the site has been cleared, they will trench or use horizontal directional drilling on the property in order to provide adequate installation space for the type of lines to be installed. We can also excavate and install water, sewer, gas and other required underground utilities.

After the installation is complete, Streamline Services Ltd can help with industrial landscaping such as grading the lay of the land, installing top soil and sod while clearing any construction debris.  Contact us today for your electrical site services work!

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