April 26, 2017

Horizonal Directional Drilling

horizontal directional drilling

Horizontal Directional Drilling Services

With our highly experienced tradesmen and industrial equipment at Streamline Services Ltd, we are specialists in horizontal directional drilling services.

Horizontal directional drilling is becoming the first choice for utility construction.

It is the fastest and most cost effective way to install pipelines and utilities. It is environmentally sensitive to fragile eco-systems and the most non-destructive way to install underground services.

Streamline Services offers an industry leading horizontal directional drilling service throughout Alberta. We maintain the highest standards in safety, environmental responsibilities, quality control and drilling operations. Our experience and leading team members can offer our customers precise and safe drilling operations.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Being able to put in utility lines without trashing the landscape can be invaluable for property owners.  Therfore, a trench does not need to be dug in order to lay pipes for utilities like electrical, water, or gas. This takes specialized drilling equipment, and Streamline has made that investment! Crews for horizontal directional drilling are highly experienced and should specialize in this type of drilling for pipe installation. It is exactly the type of specialized tradesmen that you will find at Streamline Services.

Horizontal directional drilling is accomplished by sending a drill/cable unit through the ground, several feet below the surface, in a shallow arc. The drill head pulling the cable is guided from above ground until the exit point is reached. Then the drill is reversed and pulls a back reamer used to enlarge and stabilize the hole where the product will go. It also pulls a plug that smooths the walls of the hole, another stabilization feature. Finally, the directional drill pulls the piping through to the exit point where it can be connected as necessary.

The benefits of this kind of drilling method are many, with the main benefit being the decreased damage to the environment and landscape. Another benefit is speed – the job gets done much quicker than it does with traditional trenching methods. Noise reduction is another factor for horizontal directional drilling – you don’t hear it at the drilling site as much because the equipment is reduced, and you don’t hear it at the property because the drilling site is located some distance away.

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HDD Services

HDD Services, or more commonly known as horizontal directional drilling services, is what put Streamline on the map.  HDD Services are used for many commercial and residential practices for installing utility lines below ground.  With minimal damage to the landscape around, it is a preferred method to complete these installs.