August 10, 2016

Lift Stations

lift stations

Lift Stations

Streamline built lift stations can keep the flow moving by overcoming geographic or gravitational issues in sewage, and other material flow situations.

Lift and pump station systems are designed to pump wastewater and sewage from lower to higher elevations. We can help our customers with the install, servicing, initial planning and sizing of the lift station.   Streamline has installed lift stations for provincial, municipal and federal governments and private lift and pumping stations in the oilfield.


Sewage Pumping Stations

Sewage lift stations are primarily used in areas where traditional gravity fed systems cannot be used. Sewage pumping systems are also a great alternative when grading is not an option.
These stations are more commonly known  as lift stations and come in several different configurations in order to be installed as a single package.  While the details for each unit may be slightly different, most are equipped with the same common items.  These items include a waste water treatment receiving well, or a wet well, lift pumps and a junction box.  There is also a control panel that is pre-wired to control the system.

There are two main types of  pumping stations available: submersible and non-submersible. The submersible type is preferred when the application involves a low flow condition. For these applications, there are two main pumps to choose from: a grinder pump and a solids handling pump. Each pump has a specific application and requires the knowledge and expertise of a professional lift system installer who understands the pros and cons for each system. This is where Streamline Services Ltd. can help. They have many years of experience installing and maintaining commercial, industrial and municipal stations for many different clients, giving them the knowledge they need to help you plan, install and maintain lift stations for your applications.

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