August 10, 2016

Polyethylene Services

Polyethylene Fusion –  The Facts

Polyethylene, comes in many different forms the most common used in the utility industry is high density (HDPE) and medium density  (MDPE). Fusing two pieces of pipe together is known as polyethylene pipe fusion of polyethylene fusion for short. Yhe most common methods of installation are excavating, trenching, or/and horizontal directional drilling. Therefore it takes careful planning and job execution when installing polyethylene pipe and pipe fusions. By using these far superior methods of installing pipe, the ground disturbance is greatly reduced and earth polution is greatly reduced.

Conventional methods of installing HDPE or MDPE consisted of using shorter lengths of rigid pipe. Being able to run long lengths of polyethylene pipe, less fittings have to be fused. Therefore less chances for leaks. Furthermore, by using polyethylene pipe, the life span far exceeds conventional pipe. Makes for a good reason both economically and environmentally to use polyethylene pipe.

Although there are a variety of uses for polyethylene pipe, Streamline Services is directly specialized in:

  • Water Services
  • Sewer Services
  • Gas Services
  • Fiber Optic Services
  • Cable/Control Services
  • Storm Water Services

Streamline Services has completed the following projects:

  • The Edmonton Zoo
  • Saipen Energy
  • Cenouvas Energy
  • Moore Pipe Inc
  • Alta Gas
  • Atco Logistics
  • Jasper Sky Train
  • And many more small but important projects

Certified Polyethylene Fusion

Polyethylene fusion technicians come with a  highly  skilled trade set. Therefore, Streamline Services Ltd.’s has you covered.  Our polyethylene fusion technicians have undergone certification and training through the leading manufacturers. Obtaining a polyethylene ticket is of good practice as per manufacturers product literature. All our polyethylene fusion technicians have the required certification.  Our company has built two polyethylene production plants and ran one of them, thus our understanding of the product and services is far superior than our competitors. We have an extensive quality control and quality assurance program built for our customers to ensure the best possible polyethylene pipe fusion product. Our high safety standards combined with our extensive experience places us as industry leaders of fusing high and medium density polyethylene. Some of the pipe fusion services we can provide are:

  • Electro-fusions
  • Butt fusions
  • Saddle fusions
  • Socket fusions
  • Hot tapping
  • Destructive testing

Rather than sub contract, we complete all of our polyethylene fusion in house. Most of all, we have a near perfect success rate. As a result, Streamline is a top ranking contractor in the polyethylene field.

High Density Polyethylene – HDPE

polyethylene fusion

High density polyethylene is extremely tough and durable. HDPE has been tested and proven for both above and below ground installation.  Also, it is flexible and resistant to chemicals while maintaining optimum flow rates. We have installed HDPE for gas, water, sanitation, storm and electrical conduit. We have experience in both above and below ground installation.

Medium Density Polyethylene – MDPE

Medium density polyethylene is less dense than high density polyethylene. As a result,  giving MDPE  better stress and cracking resistance.  Therefore MDPE has typically been used for gas distribution and electrical conduit on many sites.

Polyethylene Pipe Fusion and Install  Services

  • Electro-Fusion uses special fittings that have electric heating elements built in used to weld joints together.
  • Butt Fusion is the thermo fusion process that involves the simultaneous heating of the ends of two pipe/fitting components to be joined.
  • Hot Tapping is the method of making a connection to an existing pipe or pressure vessel.  With this process, the pipe or tank can still be in use making it easier for you!
  • Can provide all required excavation and drilling.
  • Water, sewer, gas services.

In conclusion, contact us today to get more information on all the services we offer in Edmonton and  across Alberta!  No job is too big or too small for our team of equipment and men. Furthermore we offer free quotes.

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