March 3, 2017

Private Sewage Systems

Private Sewage Systems

Private sewage systems installers are licensed to install on-site private sewage systems that handle less than 25 cubic meters of sewage a day in the province of Alberta.  Streamline Services Ltd is proud to be one of those contractors.  We work hand in hand with the customer and the municipality of residence to ensure a job well done.

Not any underground contractor can complete a private sewage system install.  Contractors must be certified with the Alberta Municipal Affairs and obtain a permit.  In order to be certified, employees must complete an in-depth course that is renewed yearly.  This ensures our customers the highest level of satisfaction.

Any homeowner that is not directly connected to a municipal sewer system must have a private sewage system.  In most cases this is for farms and acreages.  Before Streamline Service Ltd can begin to install the system, we must first get familiar with the property and needs of the homeowners.  We then work hand in hand with our designers and the municipality to design the right sewage system for you.  We will gather the permits necessary and begin the work.

Once installed, the job is not over.  It is up to the homeowner to complete or schedule regular maintenance for the system.  They must also keep the area clear and marked at all times.  We have attached a maintenance and recommendation list from the Alberta Municipal Affairs government webpage.  Here home owners will find more information about their new system.

Streamline Services Ltd is capable of installing all types of systems, tanks, pumps, sewer lines and maintenance on all listed.  We work hand in hand with residential and commercial customers to ensure they have the right type of system.

private sewage systems

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