August 10, 2016

Sewer & Water Lines

sewer & water lines

Include sewer & water lines installation by our certified journeymen along with the other site and excavation services we offer.

Streamline Services installs new water, sewer and storm services as well as repairs old. Our goal is to provide our clients with exceptional standards in safety, quality and performance. We work closely with our customers to provide industry leading construction techniques and utilize leading technologies.  This allows us to offer economically and environmentally sound solutions for their construction requirements.

So, for water line or sewer line installation or repair, call us at 780-488-2287

Sewer & Water Lines

Having running water in your home/business/industry is the very essence of life. Without water, you could not make coffee, or provide bathrooms… Without the very water we take for granted, life would merely stand still. Of course, having running water entering your house requires you to have access to a sewer system allowing you to remove waste water. This is why our sewer and water line installation and repair technicians are so committed to providing the best possible water, waste water, and sewage/septic systems. They understand the important role that water plays in your life and work hard to ensure you never spend a day without it.

Regardless of the size of your sewer & water lines installation project, you can rest assured that Streamline Services Ltd will provide you with the very best services available. They have been helping customers just like you achieve their goals when it comes to their water services. Whether you need a water or sewer line installed or needs repair, you can call the professionals at Streamline.  They will ensure the job is handled with the utmost care and will be completed on time and on budget.  They will even make sure that all of the debris is removed after the job is complete.

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Underground Sewer Repair Edmonton

Streamline Services is capable of servicing all underground water and sewer lines already installed as well.  Underground sewer repair Edmonton is very important to ensure everything in your home or business is functioning correctly.  If you have damaged sewer or water pipes it can turn everything upside down!  Call us today for your free quote on getting your sewer lines repaired or replaced.  We offer competitive prices and no long wait times for completion.

Sewer Line Camera

Streamline Services uses a sewer line camera to properly diagnose sewer line issues.  Whether you are having slow drain or back up issues, we will be able to tell you exactly what is causing the issue and where it is.  Why dig up the entire sewer line to find the damage or block if you don’t have to?  With the latest camera technology, it saves our customers money by allowing us to get to the root of the problem from above ground.  The sewer line camera will show issues like blocks, breaks and sags in the line, or root damage.