August 10, 2016


Trenching from Streamline Services Ltd.

From light backyard lines to heavy industrial trenching, we can find equipment to suit the job environment.

Our trenching services offer a wide range of depths and widths to suite our customers’ requirements. Trenching is a fast and economical solution for excavating to install your utilities and service.



An excavation technique that is used to create a very specific type of hole in the ground. Trenches are defined as holes that are longer and deeper than they are wide. Generally, trenching is used to create the cavities in the earth for laying various piping.  The piping is used for plumbing, wiring or even structural supports. While trenching is a fairly common practice, it is also a somewhat complex.  If not careful one and can cause damage to the land as well as injury to trench diggers.  Streamline follows strict safety rules in the field; combined with our extensive experience so you can guarantee you’ve made the right choice in choosing us!

In order to dig a trench safely and cost effectively, most companies such as Streamline Services Ltd. use heavy equipment known as a trencher or trench digger. These machines dig trenches at a predefined depth as well as ensure that the walls are shored up in order to prevent cave ins. Not only do these machines provide a safer way to trench, they also do it much more quickly than digging even a small trench by hand. Depending on the size of the job, a small, one operator trencher can be used. For larger jobs, larger trenchers that require several people to operate are used to dig the trench. Both machines rely on a long saw-type arm that is lowered into the ground to dig the trench.


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